Our Solutions

We Sell

  • Gift Wrapping Machines


    With our BIG WRAPPER and RETAIL WRAPPER, you can turn out high quality wrapped packages in a fraction of the time it takes by hand, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.

    Increase Productivity

    Cut Costs

    Reduce Waste

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  • Gift Wrap & Accessories

    A Selection of Paper and Tools

    Search our store for a selection of select gift wrap paper rolls

    Find our adhesive transfer tape and dispensers

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  • Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts for your Wrapper

    Search our store for spare parts for both Big Wrapper and Retail Wrapper

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  • Maintenance Contracts

    Call in the experts

    After warranty we can continue to protect your investment with a yearly maintenance contract. Each contract is quoted based on your location and number of machines.

    Maintenance contracts typically include a tune up visit and an emergency visit if problem is not solvable by phone, email, photos, etc. All parts, labor and travel expenses are included as well as free parts shipping.

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We Provide

  • Purchase, Lease, Rent

    3 Great ways to acquire our equipment


    We will quote you pricing on new and used equipment as you desire. Pricing is turnkey which includes freight in and travel expenses for setup and training unless other agreements are made.


    Lease our Equipment for 1 to 4 years to own. Currently a 7% interest rate applies to leasing. You can lease to a value as well at which time you can return equipment or negotiate a new lease.


    Any of our machines can be rented on a short term basis. (Two months minimum) A rental plan requires end user to pay for freight per our quote or arrange themselves both in and out. Travel expenses for setup and training are quoted for each specific customer.

  • Warranty

    Protecting your Investment

    We pride ourselves in manufacturing a heavy duty reliable piece of equipment. Very rarely something may fail after installation. Therefore, we offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor on all of our equipment we sell regardless if it is new or pre-owned.

    All leased and rented products carry a warranty for the life of the lease or rent contract. This warranty includes parts and labor.

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  • Support

    We're here to assist you

    We are just a phone call / Email away and free of charge

    This site contains a number of downloads and replacements service manuals for your wrapper. Specific support information for your wrapper can be found at in the Big Wrapper and Retail Wrapper sections.

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  • Productivity

    A Fraction of the time of Manual Wraps

    Gift Wrap in as little as 30 seconds.

    Run your gift wrap operation as a production line.

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  • Quality

    High End Quality with Every Wrap

    Put your best image forward.

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  • Less Waste

    Money Saved

    Run multiple paper widths to match your SKU size.

    1” overlap calculated around the box.

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  • Profits

    Increase Profits

    Hire fewer temps.

    Keep up with daily orders.

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Happy Customers

  • Our Customers

    Some of our satisfied customers

    There is a reason that we are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and that is our dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

    We have wrappers placed in the US and Canada and with a CE marking we are ready for placement in European Union with equipment in Sweden already.

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