The Retail Wrapper


Key Benefits

Great Consistent Quality

Minimal Waste

Extremely Fast Gift Wrapping

Facilitates Team Production

  • Instant Packaging Sizing

    3 separate Industrial ultrasonic sensors measure the height, width, and length of the box to be gift wrapped. Measurement time is instantaneous. Measurements are locked in by gift wrap machine program the instant start is touched on screen.

  • 2 Sheeter Modes

    With our 2 sheeter modes one can direct the machine to sheet any number of sheets for a box that is measured. Simply push Sheeter Mode with box in corner. One can also sheet any number of sheets by entering in the touchscreen text box the dimensions of the sheet and quantity.

  • Std 120 VAC Power

    All of our machines run on a standard 120 VAC electrical supply. If we are shipping to another country we modify the machine to fit your power requirements even if it is 240 VAC single phase.

  • Touchscreen Operation

    The Retail Wrapper features a 7" touchscreen for quick and easy operation. Touchscreen is industrial quality meant for long life and rugged use.

  • Repeat Mode

    Our Repeat Mode is a touch button on the screen that can be used to start a wrapping cycle if you are wrapping the same size box you previously wrapped, thus saving a bit of time from putting the box in the corner for measurement.

  • 2 Roll Touch Selection

    The Retail Wrapper features two roll capacity meaning two separate rolls of even different widths can be loaded into the machine. Any one of the rolls can be selected at a touch on the screen and an easy manual movement for the appropriate roll they desire. Single roll Retail Wrappers are also available at a lesser price.

  • Extremely Portable

    The Retail Wrapper sits on locking castors so one can easily move it about where needed when needed.

  • Extremely Small

    The Retail Wrapper sits in a 4 ft x 4 ft space so it can fit in the tightest locations. Box measuring is incorporated slightly higher than the work surface to obtain this desired feature.